Who Is Leading The Comeback?

Let me ask… Who is leading the comeback? In a COVID-19 World. Who’s already started putting in the work?

Who Is Leading The Comeback?

How is your business going to bounce back from this recession? = SDR’s

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In some companies, they were the first to be let go.

They’re the First Responders.

No, I’m not talking about our nurses and doctors we are so grateful for.

We thank them and appreciate them.

We thank them from the bottom of our hearts.

I’m talking about your Sales First Responders. You’re SDR’s.

The team getting past the objections.

The people on the frontlines rising above the noise.

The people who are delivering hope to your Account Executives.

The Specialists opening the doors.

Deals can’t be closed where a conversation hasn’t been started.

Your Revenue First Responders, Your SDR’s.

Empower them.

Listen to them.

They are the ones driving your revenue engine.

Send them a thank you note today.

Thank you to Canva for all the video snippets – you rock! And – Thank you to YouTube Music Library for the tunes.

Value of Sales Development

Our SDR’s are driving growth in organizations. Many times they are viewed as Entry-Level to Sales and not crucial to success. But, SDR’s are your First Responders who are creating the conversations that turn strangers into customers.

That specialized skillset has a ton of value for organizations. They are your Rainmaker’s.

If for some reason you aren’t getting the results you should see out of Sales Development it could be a process or technology challenge. Check out our Disrupt the Silos Workbook to get a feel for where you stand or reach out and schedule a FREE Alignment Check.

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