What is RevOps?

A lot of people in are talking about RevOps these days. What exactly is it? How does it apply to you?

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How many times have you seen siloed organizations? Marketing not talking to Sales, Sales not talking to Customer Success… It’s becoming a common occurrence. How does that affect each team’s ability to achieve results? How many different technologies are they using?

Revenue Teams at Loggerheads

I’ve seen this when it came to implementing Sales Development. Where the age-old questions of whether Sales Development should report to Marketing or Sales. What I see is they typically fall in line based on who owns the software. The problem with this approach is whatever side of the house they fall, they are always out of step with the other. Basically, the Revenue Teams are not working together, not aligned in a common mission. 

I know what you’re going to say, Vision and Mission come from the top. While that’s true, each team has a leader, they are accountable for certain deliverables. They have aligned their tech stack to ensure that they can meet their goals. Since those goals and metrics aren’t typically aligned, they fall off the mark.

Aligning Every Team Around a Single Goal

Now enters RevOps, which is Revenue Operations. It takes into account the systems and processes for each piece of the revenue team. The Revenue Team consists of Marketing, Sales, Customer Success, and Operations. For bonus points throw in Sales Enablement and, or Sales Development. 

How do you align the entire organization around one goal? That’s where RevOps really joins the party to take a deeper look where the organization can align their processes while focusing on one mission, the Customer Lifecycle. Because at the end of the day what’s more important than the Customer Journey? 

There are 4 main areas of focus for RevOps:

  • Data – One Source
  • Technology Alignment
  • Metrics – KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) Aligned around Revenue
  • Operation – Optimized Documented Process

For Marketing and Sales specifically the alignment around ICP (Ideal Customer Profile), messaging, lead management, and data is key. 

Want to Know More?

For more understanding on silos, and the silo mentality found at organizations, Why Silos Kill The Ability To Communicate A Unified Vision, And 5 Ways To Eliminate Them. Brent Gleeson brings it with this article delving deeper into Silos and how to eliminate them. 

With implementing RevOps you will align your processes and operations. Will that fix all your problems? It depends. You may need to take it a step further and address the silo mentality to ensure the team is all rowing in the same direction with aligned purpose.

“Silo builds the wall in people’s minds and creates the barrier in organizations’ hearts.”
 — Pearl Zhu

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