Marketing and Sales Alignment Check

How do you close the gap between your revenue teams? First, you have to ask the right questions...

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Let’s talk about the gap between sales and marketing. In many organizations the revenue building teams are not aligned. This is not a new concept, but while we have this time to dive deeper into what is working and what isn’t this is a good time to explore where you really are.

I’m not going to lie, it’s hard to take a serious look. Especially if one side of the house has been around longer or has grown into their role. But, It has to be done to create sustainable growth within your organization. The alignment between those two teams is crucial for success, and in most organizations where we find the biggest gaps. Are your marketing and sales teams driving in the same direction?


  1. Do you have the right people in the right seats?
    1. Each leader does team member evaluations on the team. (Looking for Strengths and Weaknesses)
    2. Have a 1:1 with each team member about their long-term goals.
    3. Find out their happiness score. (Scale 1-10)
    4. Ask about anything holding them back from success.
  2. Are your Leaders inspiring their team to achieve greater results?
    1. Review current KPI’s
    2. Are the current KPI’s revenue-focused?
    3. Review Happiness Scores for each team.
    4. Discuss what’s been holding the team back.
  3. Do you have a culture of learning?
    1. How does the leader support learning?
    2. How does the company support learning?
  4. Does one team or manager have more political or social capital?
    1. Has that impacted their ability to deliver results?
    2. Does one leader have seniority?
    3. Is one leader, the new up-and-comer?
    4. Why does one leader have more political or social capital?
  5. How often do Marketing and Sales meet?
    1. How often do you do team building activities?
    2. How open is the team to new ideas?
    3. Does everyone have an opportunity to speak when the team meets?
  6. Do Marketing and Sales leaders meet regularly?
    1. Are they on the same page for Executive Meetings?

This is just the first section of the Alignment Check with a focus on Culture. 

Download the full Sales/Marketing Alignment Workbook

The first step in solving a problem is to recognize that it does exist.
— Zig Ziglar

For help with an Alignment Check, let’s talk. With a quick conversation, you’ll walk away with insights from our team on how to become better aligned.

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