EVENT: Revenue Operations

Jen Ferguson with Sales 911 will be talking about revenue operation with Jake Dunlap on Jake & Friends on June 1st.


Details of the Event

Jake Dunlap & Jen Ferguson talk about Revenue Operations – RevOps on Jake & Friends

Monday, June 1, 2020 at 12 PM EST


Summary of Topic

The alignment of Sales and Marketing is more than just open communication, it’s more of a mind shift around customer lifecycle. Not only do your people need to be all focused on moving in the same direction, with consistent messaging, but your operations also need to align in technology and flow of data to capture the entire journey to increase revenue.

What is Revenue Operations?

It’s the Alignment of Marketing, Sales, Customer Success, and Operations. That might also include Sales Enablement and Sales Development. Basically, it’s the alignment of the Prospect and Customer facing departments within your organization that impact Revenue.

Why is it Important?

Similar to the Inbound Methodology it shifts the focus around the Customer Lifecycle. From Marketing to Customer Success. Rather than a funnel, think of it as an orbit or flywheel that revolves around your customer. Now extend that out to your processes and technology that go along with that journey.

Why Now?

It’s important right now because we have the time to take a deeper look at these processes and plan for the future. While things might be bananas, it’s the organization that can see past the chaos to strategize for when things get back to normal that will have the capability to hit the ground running.

How Do You Get Started?

It’s really taking a hard look at what you have, to get everyone on the same page and eliminate the silos within an organization. Taking a look at processes, technology, and all of the key interactions during the customer journey.

How We Can Help?

We have a workbook that will get you started or we can have a conversation about taking a deeper look for you.

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