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LinkedIn Live:
Sales & Leadership
with Heart

Guest: Michelle Hecht

When: December 15, 2020 @ 12:00 pm - 12:30 pm UTC+0
Registration: https://www.linkedin.com/events/sales-leadershipwithheart-guest6741375704740483072/

Sales & Leadership with Heart (LinkedIn Live) – Guest: Michelle Hecht

Host: Jen Ferguson

Guest: Michelle Hecht

Topic: Stress

Wrapping up this year with a conversation about stress with Michelle Hecht. Why Michelle? Because, When I’m stressed she is one of the people I call.

My friend, Michelle is going to tell you how she overcomes stress. This 1:1 is a perfect way to get us ready for Ladies Happy Hour on Wednesday, Dec. 16th.

I’m wrapping up my year on LinkedIn Live with a line-up of the most amazing, inspiring women. For a taste, Don’t miss my 1:1 with Michelle.

Location: Jen Ferguson LinkedIn Profile or LinkedIn Event Page

Sales & Leadership with Heart brings you tips, stories, and topics we commonly do not talk about in the sales community. 

For a taste of the knowledge, Michelle brings check out a snippet from our last Ladies Happy Hour, Mom Life.


💬 “If it’s all one great dumpster fire on the River Hades. Jen Ferguson brings together the best minds and personalities for unique, relevant, humane, and most of all fun conversations.” – Jonathan Sroka

💬 “A breath of fresh air in a sea of tired sales bros.” – Lynn Stepanenko

💬 “You showing up consistently & being present has opened the door for so many (including I) ❤️ Sky is the Limit.” – Guerlyne Guercy

💬 “Whether you’re a panelist or viewer, attending an event with Jen Ferguson on Leadership with ❤️ promises to open your eyes to relevant topics of today that you didn’t know you needed to hear”
– Christine Whitehead

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💬 “Jen Ferguson is the girlfriend at work we all needed during covid but didn’t know it” – Rachel Mae

💬 “You are a true inspiration Jen Ferguson and I’m so thankful for you! You are a power house for women and motivational for anyone seeking guidance!! I can’t wait to see where the journey takes us!!” – Veronica MCGibney

💬 “I had a great time speaking with Jen Ferguson! Being live was intimidating but she made it a very welcoming experience. Not only did I feel heard and understood, I appreciated Jen’s insights into my experience. She truly cares about DEI and making sure all voices are heard.” – Anjali Purkayastha
💬 “Jen asked me to be a guest on her LinkedIn Live (my first) for a topic that could have been uncomfortable and around which I was in the hot seat. Jen did a great job of facilitating a conversation that was real, informative, relaxed, fun, and valuable for everyone involved – including me from my perch in the hot seat.” – David Masover

💬 “Jen is fantastic interviewer – after I watched a few of her incredible lives, it was clear that she is the real deal and amazing at diving deep into the root of real issues. I was fortunate to be a guest on her one of her Lives and we went deep on the topic of “vulnerability.” Normally, this would be a topic that would be out of my comfort zone but Jen has an amazing skill of being able to create that “safe zone” while being able to dive deep into the topic.” – Marcus Chan

💬 “Jen walks the walk and is the epitome of genuine leadership. She has passion and purpose, and adds so much value to this community through her platform. Her LinkedIn Live sessions have been my ultimate go-to for learning, support, networking, and having fun! A MUST for anyone who seeks a weekly dose of empowerment!” – Michelle Hecht